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Member Information

Venue: Wallaroo Town Hall

Time: Monday night 7:00 till 9.30pm

Purpose of club
To encourage and promote fun and fitness through rock and roll dancing on the Yorke Peninsula

Prospective members/visitors
Attend 4 Mondays for free.
Annual Subscription
$5.00 per annum. Due 1 April
Condition of entry
There is an inherent risk in any physical activity, including rock and roll dancing. Members and visitors accept full responsibility for any injury that they may sustain while rock and roll dancing as a member or guest of the Coasters Rock ‘n’ Roll Club Inc. Members and visitors undertake to limit this risk by making club executive aware of any injuries or illness and by taking reasonable steps to limit the risk of further illness or injury.

Permission for your image to be used for publicity purposes in print and/or digital media is included in the membership/renewal form.

Club T-shirt /jacket
1. A Coasters Rock ‘n’ Roll “club t-shirt” or “club jacket” is black in colour.
2. The style of t-shirt or jacket may be determined by the club member.
3. The logo is only available for embroidery on a club t-shirt / jacket that meets the above criteria.
4. The logo is the property of The Coasters Rock ‘n’ Roll Club Inc.
5. Any change to the logo to be submitted to the club committee for consideration.
6. Any alteration to the logo will only be adopted following a majority vote by financial members at a meeting of the Coasters Rock ‘n’ Roll Club Inc.
7. The Club will subsidise the cost of the logo (one logo to front , one logo to the back, your name ) for one shirt or jacket per membership.
8. To qualify for subsidy, the shirt/jacket is to be provided at member’s cost and must be black in colour.

Heat Policy
An alternative venue will be advised If the temperature at 5.00pm on Monday is 38 degrees or over, Members will be notified by text message.

Dress-Up Night
Last Monday of the month is dress-up night. We celebrate members’ birthdays and special anniversaries. Members bring supper to share. Attendance is free.

Theme Nights
Every 3 months on last Monday of the month. The theme to be advised by text.

Website –
Visit our new site for events, contact info and members only dance tips, videos and music. Contact Webmaster: JD via club website email.